Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Making Animal Pals at Mudchute City Farm.

We recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We decided to go to the city farm in Mudchute to explore and make animal pals. I'm from a small village so I miss seeing animals in fields and smelling the rural farm smells!
We sort of had both the best time and worst time of our lives. Nic, like many people I'm sure, has a fear of horses. I get it, they're big and powerful! So we avoided all horses. I befriended some lovely donkeys, sheep, alpacas, llamas, squirrels, and goats. I also encountered a horrible goat who hit me in the face but perhaps that was my own fault? Probably. I was holding a bag of food and had yet to offer him any.

Jumper & Scarf: v.v. old H&M | Dress: Vintage | Backpack: Paperchase | Boots: Mel

I wanted to wear something vaguely practical. I intend to buy some lace up boots very soon, but until then I'll have to make do with my short Wellington boots. I put on one of my favourite vintage dresses - the collar is also a tie! So cute! And my cosy jumper. I really love wearing an oversized jumper over a dress at the moment. I think it looks cosy and autumnal whilst looking neat and put together at the same time.

Overall we had a fabulous day and I can't wait for all future lovely days together!

Until next time

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A teeny weeny re-introduction!

I've been blogging here for four years - since before I went to University! Since then I've (in chronological order) fallen in love, got a pixie cut and grown it out, graduated, had a horrible job, got a proper job... I'm just not the same person I used to be, and I need a fresh start here.

If you're new here...

Hello! I'm Lulu. I'm a twenty-three year old country mouse living in London. I work for a vintage-inspired alternative clothing company, after graduating with a degree in Costume Production last September. I'm inspired by Wes Anderson movies, sweet old grannies, and girls who live in the forest.

I love crafts and handmade clothing, exploring and travel, and cooking delicious vegan food. And I want to share that with you! So if you want to follow my adventures sewing my own wardrobe, finding my favourite park in London, or your just here for my perfect banana pancakes recipe, welcome!

Put on your slippers, grab your knitting needles, and get cosy!