Monday, 9 January 2017

HRH the Queen of Unfinished Sewing Projects

I'm the absolute worst at finishing projects. I tend to make for special occasions, and if there isn't a specific due date things can take a while, or just be put to one side. I'm intending to not do this any more. I want everything to be finished and beautiful before I start my next project!
I am currently working on three different unfinished projects. I aim to finish two of them and be working on the third by the end of January (let's see how that goes...)!
Project title: Nic's burgundy trousers
Approx start date: September 2015
Intended due date: November 2015

When Nic got onto the Post-Graduate programme with a years placement at one of the best new writing theatres in the country, I kindly offered to make her two pairs of trousers. We toiled in calico and then I started making in burgundy twill fabric. We also bought some grey wool to make a second pair. They're a classic pair of slim fit chino-style trousers, with side pockets, one back pocket, a waistband, and a button fly (the only type I know how to make...)
Trousers are possibly my least favourite make. They have so much fiddly nonsense. Two types of pocket, a fly, a waistband. No thank you. I've also never made trousers without any assistance before so I probably should have just bought a commercial pattern - especially making these plus sized. I think these will look great with stripe tops, button down shirts, and knitwear. And I cannot wait for them to be over.

Still to do:
Fitting in final fabric - 30 minutes.
Button fly - 1 hour
front pockets - 1 hour
back pocket - 30 minutes
Fitting for waistband - 30 minutes
Drafting and fabric cutting for waistband - 45 minutes
Waistband construction - 45 minutes
Hems (turn ups) - 30 mins
Approx duration: 5 hours 30 minutes.

Project title: 23rd Birthday Dress
Approx start date: January 2016
Intended due date: March 2016

I've been working on this dress for almost a year. I was inspired by the Hell Bunny Karen
 dress, but I wanted something more accurately vintage and without the crossover low back craziness. I loved the contrasting open collar and covered buttons. I'd already drafted a fairly perfect-for-me shirt dress pattern, which I made for the opening night of the Graduate Exhibition I curated in 2015. It's a fairly simple version of a shirt dress from the Winifred Aldrich Metric Pattern Cutting for Womens Wear, and features a back yolk, centre back box pleat, and bound arm holes. So I just used this pattern, making the collar and buttons in contrasting fabric.
When I realised that I didn't have the time to finish it for the due date I just stopped. Folded it up and put it to one side. I really want to finish this in time for spring because I think it would be really light and airy for those warmer days, but would look lovely with tights and a cardigan when it's chillier.
Still to do:
Insert side zip - 45 minutes.
Sew hem - 30 minutes
Make covered buttons and sew on, make button holes - 30 minutes
Arm hole binding - 1 hour 30 minutes.
Approx duration: 3 hours 45 minutes.

Project Title: Winter Coat
Approximate start date: Late October 2016
Intended due date: November 2016

Inspired by both Madeline and Moonrise Kingdom, this year I wanted a coat with a cape. There are a few available to purchase, but due to my ethical veganism and wool allergy, I didn't feel comfortable buying them. I went for the Burda B6986 pattern and faux boiled wool (Polyester Viscose mix) in Navy and started, making the cape detachable and elbow length so I can still wear it in Lewisham Market and not look entirely mad!
Whats Stopping Me?
I realised I'm an extremely lazy person and a coat is a large project. I also had a lot of alterations to do before we went to Disneyland for Nic's birthday at the end of November, then Christmas took over. But now I want to finish it.
Still to do:
Bind Cape with grosgrain ribbon
Construct and Attach collar
Construct and insert lining
Sleeves situation!
Side pockets!
Approx duration:
Goodness me, perhaps a solid fortnight? There's a lot still to do and the only thing making me finish it is the amount I paid for the pattern and fabric!

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