Wednesday, 18 January 2017

On My Sewing Table: Burgundy Trousers

After two weeks I've got some good news. I've finally finished the burgundy trousers! I've done a button fly, two front pockets, a back pocket, a waistband with belt loops, and turned up hems. And they fit like a dream! Here are some WIP photos...

I'll hopefully share some photos of them on soon, but I finished them at 11pm and the days are so short I barely see the sun as it is.

What I've learned this fortnight...
Although I knew how to make them before, I've refreshed my mind on various construction techniques including double welt pockets, jean style front pockets, and waistband construction.

What's next?
I intend to finish my 23rd Birthday Dress in the next week, it's just got a zip, arm hole bindings, hem, and covered buttons to complete so I think it's entirely do-able. Then I have to finish my ultimate nemesis, Burda 6986. Does anyone else think Burda's patterns are unnecessarily difficult? I feel like ultimately, they don't give you enough instructions! Like they're trying to catch you out!

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